1. Do you have special prices for kids?

A.No. However, one preschooler is not counted.
1 adult and 1 preschooler > 1 person
2 adults and 1 preschooler > 2 persons
1 adult and 2 preschoolers > 2 persons
1 adult and 3 preschoolers > 3 persons
2 adult and 2 preschoolers > 3 persons
2 adult and 3 preschoolers > 3 persons
3 adult and 1 preschoolers > 3 persons
3 adult and 2 preschoolers > 4 persons

2. Can I make a reservation by telephone?

A.Yes, but we accept a call in Japanese only.
(0120-343-897 [9:30-18:00])

*Please call below after 6 p.m.
For Maihama front desk: 03-3688-8808 (6:00-24:00)
Osaka front desk: 06-6225-2636 (6:00-24:00)

We provice the best rates on our online reservation. Clik here

3. Do you have season price?

A.No we do not.

4. Do I need to check out everyday if I stay more than 1 night? How about my luggage?

A.Basically, you do not need to check out every morning nor carry out your luggage unless you change the total number of your party or room. 
When you change the number of party or room, you need to check out once and re-check in.

5. I would like to go out at night. Do you have a curfew?

A.No, we do not, but the entrane door automatically closes at 0:00 a.m. for security reasons. 
However, if you have already checked in, you can open the door with your card key.

6. Can I check out very early in the morning?

A.Yes, you can. All you need to do is to return your card key to the front desk

7. Can I make an overseas call from a guestroom?

A.Basically no. However, if your credit card is issued in Japan, you can make an international call by KDDI CREDIT CARD CALL SYSTEM.

8. Can I answer to the call from outside the hotel?

A.Yes you can. Our staff switch the calls for you from the front desk to your room.

9. Do you have room service?

A.No we do not. However, you can order deliverly pizza. We do also order massage service. (additional charge)

10. Do I have to pay to watch TV programs?

A.Analog broadcasting TV programs are free of charge. We have also pay-video program which costs 1,000JPY.

11. Do you have ice?

A.Yes, we do.

12. Can I use the Internet in the hotel?

A.You can use our free high-speed Internet service either in a guestroom or lounge.

13. Can I go to your hotel by car?

A.There are several parking lots inside and outside the hotel.

-For Maihama
(inside and outside the hotel / By appointment only)
1,500JPY per stay (15:00-next10:00)
500JPY during the daytime (10:00-15:00)
If you stay more than 2 nights, you can use parking for free during the daytime.

To make a parking reservation, please send us an inquiry from here.

(affiliated metered parking space / first-come basis)
1,050JPY (15:00-10:00(next day))
1,500JPY (10:00-15:00) 

14. Can I send my baggage beforehand?

A.Yes, you can. Please give us advance notice by e-mail before you do so. Please make sure your luggage will arrive on the day your stay.

15. Do you have a toothbrush and razor for free?

A.Yes, we do. At the same time, we recommend our guests to bring their own to be an eco-friendly hotel.

16. What time can I take breakfast ?

A.Breakfast time is from 07:00 to 09:00.

17. Can I bring out breakfast?

A.No you can not. Please enjoy either in our dining room or terrace.

18. How can I get to Tokyo Disney Land?

A.We introduce deatil information on our blog. (Japanese Only)
*By Car or Taxi(5-10 mins.) Click here
*By Train (15-25 mins.) Click here
*By Bus (15mins.) Click here
*On Foot (35mins. )Click here
-- 5 to 10 more mins. to Tokyo Disney Sea 

19. I would like to know nearby restaurants and shops.

A.See here for details.